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Left Behind, SXSW 2012 Edition


So it’s almost April and I feel like I am still recovering from the relentless hustle, grind, wonder, and drunkenness of spring break SXSW.  Previously, I wrote about some film bumpers I was stoked to be asked to act in, …

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TONIGHT! Fusebox 60-in-60! I join the stage with Austin’s brightest diamonds!!


Everyone I know in Austin is going to the ND tonight to either perform in or behold the wonder that is Fusebox Festival‘s brilliant annual fundraiser. 60 performances in 60 minutes!!!!!! 60 of Austins finest performers, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, …

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DISENCHANTED – The Ren Fair Sitcom You Never Knew You Always Wanted to See


Last Chance from Galen Church on Vimeo. So this is funny – a sitcom that takes place behind the doors of an actual Ren Faire. Three cutie college kids reluctantly take summer jobs alongside the shanty, political maneuverings of the …

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Today – Mi Casa es Su Teatro

Screen shot 2012-02-19 at 1.44.12 PM

I am super excited to be performing with POPWORKS today in a short piece Sonnet Blanton wrote that we will be performing in a house on Annie Street.  It’s a charmer of a scene with my pal and birthday boy …

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Photos from the field or I’ve been a busy girl


So in lieu of actual updates, I am going to post some photos from various projects I’ve been working on in the last few weeks.  Between my work and post-production duties on Quiet Girl, I haven’t had much time to …

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Hot out da kitchen: New Headshot and Resume


Hello darlings. I am happy to announce that I have new a headshot and a new haircut. I despise getting headshots taken, which is why I do it so rarely. It just feels so phony and artificial. I met new …

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The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence


We are now on day 3 of shooting.  Follow the Quiet girl tumblr to see all the good stuff.  This is so much fun.

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Bigtime Announcement


I am excited to announce the first film project that I will be producing with my new company Five and Four Productions.  Details and title will be forthcoming, but the idea behind my efforts is to carefully consider every detail …

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Serious Sam 3: BFE Launch Day Trailer

Screen Shot 2011-11-22 at 11.52.45 AM

Today is a huge day for fans of relentless action and swear words.  Serious Sam 3 is now available for download on Steam.  To celebrate, this trailer was released today and you can hear some of my voice over work …

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Something is in the wind


Something wonderful, stay tuned.

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