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The Flesh Life screening at Austin Film Society this Friday

Psssst, secrets and secret screenings...

If you are an AFS member, you have a chance to watch the Flesh Life series in its entirety on the 23rd at 7pm at the Austin Studios screening room, followed by a Q & A with the handsome Holden Bros. There are seven episodes and they are all less than five minutes, so this could be just the beginning of a fun and sexy Friday night.  Plus I’ll be there in all my janitorial glory.  Here’s the info on the website:

Narratives-in-Progress: THE FLESH LIFE

Fri, 23 Sep, 2011 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Welcome to the offices of THE FLESH LIFE where things are more neurotic than erotic. This absurdly comic web series follows “idea men” Jeffrey and Otto as they attempt to dream up the next big thing in the sex toy industry. But before they can deliver the revolutionary campaign their maniac boss demands, they’ll find out that when it comes to love and sex, they still have a lot to learn.

Contains explicit content. Viewer discretion advised.

About the directors:

Brothers Nick Holden and Josh Holden moved to Austin, Texas, from Lafayette, Louisiana, where they grew up. As filmmakers they have filmed some of Austin’s most talented musicians. They’ve shot behind the scenes for the soundtrack of the Grammy and Oscar winning movie CRAZY HEART (2009) featuring music produced by Stephen Bruton and T-Bone Burnett. They’ve filmed Willie Nelson in the studio recording and recently documented Black Joe Lewis touring in Portland and Seattle. They’ve written and directed four short films for their production company Mishnoon, which produces web series, music video’s, commercials, and films. The two brothers also act and starred together in CAL EXPRESS, a short film that played the Tribeca Film Festival. THE FLESHLIFE, “WE SELL SEX TOYS,” is their latest project.

Location: Austin Studios Screening Room
1901 E. 51st St, Austin, TX
Fees: FREE. Open to AFS Members only
Calendar: Austin Film Society Events

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