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Project Rant: Vol.1

Project: Rant has actors recreate anonymous posts from the internet with hilarious results.

Project Rant takes anonymous online posts and has actors recreate them for your entertainment. They succeed.  Now a youtube phenomenon, so visit the site at your own peril lest you too become addicted. You will want to watch all of them. Project: Rant is created by Pitch Productions ‘ Luis Caffesse and Cliff Wildman.

Watch my rants

RANT 040: Random People Talking to Me

RANT 030: Why The F*$% Are You In A Gay Club If You’re Not Gay?

RANT 064: Breastfeeding In Restaurants

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Alice: The Madness Begins Trailer

Very cool live-action movie teaser trailer for American McGee's video game Alice: The Madness Begins

“While the trailer features little more than Alice (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Garbage’s Shirley Manson) being lured back to Wonderland by her own madness, it shows a genuine love and faithfulness to the source material…” – FearNet

“It’s as cool as it is creepy, and it’s pretty damned creepy.” – ToplessRobot

“One is a live-action homage to the new game, Alice: Madness Returns. The other, and this is really cool, is a HD remastering of the original Alice’s trailer, which was first released all the way back in 2000. When trailers most definitely weren’t in HD.” – Kotaku

“Trailer alone is better than the entire Johnny Depp movie.” –

“Awesome” – G4tv

This video is frabulously fantastically dark. Now this is a Wonderland movie I would watch. –Buzzfeed

a short film trailer
a Mad Hatter Collective production
starring Jennymarie Jemison as Alice
produced & shot by R. Zane Rutledge and Gray Haddock
director of photography Paul Gandersman
visual fx by ZaneFX
inspired by American McGee’s Alice
music carved from tracks by Chris Vrenna
conceived and directed by R. Zane Rutledge

Project Rant: Vol.2

My most recent RANTS.

This is one of my favorite RANTS. I love how dark it is. Rafael and I may just try to develop it into a proper short.

This is one of the internet’s favorite rants. Because the internet is super mature.

And this is one I can definitely relate to personally. Open mouth chewers, you know who you are!

Blissful Life

Dreamy music video for artist Jason Blum, shot using a digital still camera.

Directed by John Gibson. Produced by DivineGordon Asaah. Copyright 2009 Unidentified Flying Studios.

Foo Fighters “These Days” Video

No big deal, just a Foo Fighters video.


Award-winning horror short shot in two weeks in NYC.

‘David’ is a little older, but its dear to me because it was one of the first films I ever made. You can watch the entire film on the Redux website. It as made in two weeks for the NYC 2005 Movie Making Madness Competition and we won almost all the prizes.


Feature-length family drama shot in Austin. I play the slightly lost daughter, Amanda.

First feature film that I shot in Austin, Texas.  Waiting Rooms.  The story of the life of a family from the birth of the youngest son to the death of the father told in sixteen scenes all taking place in waiting rooms in the Austin area. Directed by Sean McCoy.

Waiting Room Official Trailer

Full scene from Waiting Rooms

Two brothers, Ben (David McCullars) and Hunter (John Baltisburger) pick up their sister Amanda (Jennymarie Jemison) from the police station after her arrest for possession of marijuana.

“The most valuable information I could tell you about Jenny; besides that she’s uber professional and super talented, is that I’m going to cast her again as soon as I can. I loved working with her.”  March 31, 2009

Robert Musseman III, Production Manager, Pantheon Productions

Other Videos

Commercial Reel

Watch Jennymarie Jemison – Commercial Reel in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Forgive the low quality of this video.  Hopefully it will be updated soon with a higher res version of updated work.  In the meantime, enjoy the autobiographical Radioshack commercial that filled my family with simultaneous feelings of pride and shame.

Theatrical Reel