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Transmedia Austin Event Tonight – Kickstarter Success or Your Money Back!

Tonight at Austin Studios, I will join such web luminaries as Burnie Burns and Hilah Johnson as Transmedia Austin hosts a special event!  It is sold out but there is a waitlist at the door and it will be livestreaming here starting at 6pm!

The motto of this group is to “meet, share, learn and inspire”, and this is the next step in that journey. We’ll be hosting a seminar/mixer on “Making it in New Media”, with a focus on inspiring outside the box thinking when it comes to funding and producing.

We’re highlighting three successful local ventures, our presenters “The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence” and “Hilah Cooking”, and our special keynote speaker, Burnie Burns from Roosterteeth!

“Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence” is a narrative piece inspired by a webseries short (Project Rant). The video is currently a short film and there are plans to go episodic with the story. The creators have funded it through a successful kickstarter campaign and have been building buzz through unique relationships with fans and notable contributing artists. Producer/Star Jennymarie Jemison and Director Rafael Ruiz will present clips from the show, share their experiences and take Q&A from the crowd.

“Hilah Cooking” is a short-form webseries on cooking starring the inimitable Hilah Johnson. In three years, Hilah and producer Chris Sharpe have built a brand that commands thousands of hits per show across multiple platforms as well as successful e-books and merchandising arms. They’ve created and executed on tangible yearly business plans and the show is not only a full-time job for the creators but they’re expanding the brand into other shows and concepts while navigating the media sea alongside hollywood players. Chris & Hilah will demonstrate the show, how their knowledge of youtube and metrics comes into play and the steps they’ve taken to build a business out of the brand.

“Roosterteeth” is one of the pioneers of non-traditional media programming. Founded in Austin by Burnie Burns, RT is now one of the most popular channels on Youtube, is in production for the tenth season of its flagship “RedVsBlue” series, and has successfully launched a number of other media products and partnerships that all bring focus to creating media outside of the traditional NY/LA model. Burnie will keynote the seminar, and by sharing his views and experiences, bring a framework that inspires.

LOCATION: Austin Studios Screening room. Presentations will be in the main screening room. In the meeting room will be refreshments and tables from our sponsors. We are in talks with sponsors that have a stake in the community, and hope to foster discussion in that room as well.

This will be our September event, and I encourage all of you to swing by. It will be free, open to the public, so bring a friend! More details will emerge as they are confirmed, and we’d love to hear ideas and involvement from our community!


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