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"I got your back" 69ers

That’s something improv performers say to each other before  a performance.  A tradition where you actually touch each other’s back when you say the words.  You don’t stare meaningfully into each other’s eyes or anything, it can be casual, but that’s the kind of thing I totally nerd out on and secretly love.  I’m in the secret club of improv performers!  I think that means you make a lot of “Yes, and..” jokes.  If you don’t get that, it means you’re not in the club. Like I am. I am in the club.

This show was scripted, who am I kidding?  But seriously, I want to write a love letter to everyone involved in it.  I learned so much about letting go and being bold from these people.  I was also never bored. Britney in the booth and Adam Hilton and the band were solid gold.  I feel guilty for being so afraid of performing with so little rehearsal.  I just didn’t know who had my back.

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2 Responses to "I got your back" 69ers

  1. Jules says:

    Awesome. Love letter right back to you….

  2. adamr8ch says:

    Just came across this–thanks for the kindness kiddo. Hope it’s not another damn year before we work on a show together again.

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