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Heddatron! Heddatron!

So I’ve neglected to mention this tiny little incredibly exciting thing.  I am in the cast of Salvage Vanguard’s production of Elizabeth Meriwether’s Heddatron, directed by Dustin Wills, which opens this week. It is about a Michigan housewife that is kidnapped by ROBOTS and forced to perform Hedda Gabler in the jungle.  Its insane. I play Ibsen’s over-sexed and under-loved maid, Else. And I also get to control Judge Brackbot.  YES JUDGE BRACK THE ROBOT.  He is made out of a trashcan and he is adorable.

And besides my life’s dream realized of working with robots, this show is a dream come true in other, more human ways.  I mean, I have worked with some wonderful people and theatre companies, but I’ve never before been in any mainstage production for any of the big Austin theatres (Scottish Rite doesn’t count because all their shows take place before lunch/naptime, because they are babies. Literally babies!) So this is a big deal for me. And not only is it Salvage Vanguard, a theater I’ve long admired for the cool factor of the shows they choose to produce, but its Dustin Wills, who I’ve had a director crush on since he was three years old. Okay, not really, but a long time.  And the cherry on the top, I get to act in a set designed by the insanely brilliant Lisa Laratta.

I’ve basically fallen in love with this show and the cast and even though tech rehearsal has taken two days and still isn’t over (seriously), its gonna be awwwwesome.  Get your tickets now, and if you come on Friday, stay for the afterparty.  The robots may be in attendance and you can get your Loveborg on.

This is Aunt Julie-Bot.  She is the tallest robot, and also has a hat.  That is not Berta’s hat, it is Aunt Julie’s hat, and it is not old. Not old at all.  (these are Hedda Gabler jokes, but if you don’t get them, don’t worry, its still funny to see a robot wearing a hat.)

This is a cool NPR interview with the people behind the original production, if you want to know a little more about the show because all of this is BLOWING YOUR MIND.

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