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Actual New Headshot?

So I'm 95% sure this is my new commercial headshot.  Would you like me to see you a product of some kind?

So I'm 95% sure this is my new commercial headshot. Would you like me to see you a product of some kind? That could be arranged.

So, a while back, I posted my new headshot, which ended up not being my new headshot.  Now that my agent has actually reviewed them, I have more candidates that would be actually accepted.  I still like the first one, cause dammit I am wistful.  But its not versatile enough.  So the one above is approved by Heather and is most likely going to be my commercial shot.  I need a theatrical one.  Will you please help me pick it out?  I don’t trust myself at all at this point.  Photography by the hilarious and charming, Jake Holt


#1 These haven't been retouched yet, it was a bad allergy day. Poor puffy eyes.


#2 And all the greens will need to be desaturated, pay no mind.









Yeah, so please comment or email me your thoughts.  I need to just pick one already and be done with it.  Thanks dudes.

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15 Responses to Actual New Headshot?

  1. Robert Matney says:

    These are all lovely. I’d go with number 3 for theatrical.

  2. That’s you, JM. . . . I’m partial to 2 and to 3. #2 because you appear serene and confident. #3 is good, also, but you’ve got that appraising look. . . .


  3. Niki says:

    Number 2 definitely! 3 is also quite good.

  4. actresstx says:

    This got a 15 comment response on facebook, all basically saying its between #2 and #3. Time to get scientific, eeny meeny miney mo.

  5. Kat says:

    I vote for #2.

  6. josh meyer says:

    i’m all about the extra bit of mystery in numero 3.

  7. josh meyer says:

    wait, no, i really can’t decide between the two. I feel like #3 has a secret and #2 knows my secret. #2 is more down to earth and mischievous. #3 is more sultry and refined. ahhhhhh… it’s impossible.

  8. janet says:

    just so u know, when i posted #1 and #2 on facebook, #2 corresponded to the right pic i was referring to, but the #1 i was thinking of was the one that leads off entire post with you smiling that awesome jenny smile where u say yer 95% sure…

    …sans mustaches echo suggested.

  9. Kanya Lyons says:

    Definitely number 4. No contest. You look like yourself. You can see both of your eyes — the most expressive part of a person’s face. The sunlight is natural and flattering. There’s something genuine about your smile. You also look like you might make out with the camera man or whoever is looking at the picture.

  10. Karina says:

    #1 for theatrical. It’s got a je ne se quoi that makes me want to know more about you. Not just another pretty face.

  11. jermes says:

    My fave is 2, but 3 is the most headshot appropo.

    What a pretty lady. :)

  12. Helen says:

    #3 Jenny…very nice…I think this one says yes I am mischievous and I do have a secret oh but then I do love your smile on #1.

  13. Jeff says:

    I vote for #3 – you look like the Ivory girl!

  14. Beth says:

    #2. Your search is now over.

    They’re all lovely. Because they’re of you. XOXO.

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