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Heddatron closed to sold-out weekend houses and some epic post-show Heddaoke.¬† Our very own Hans Lovborg and Billy-Bot helped usher in sxsw on the cover of the Chronicle, and Robert Faires took a look at our presentation of Hedda vs. …

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What’s up with me these days

The bruise is still healing on my arm from my Bone Boys audition. ¬†Nineteen pages of sides ranging from my brother dying before my eyes to me taking a cannibal hostage, all performed at an inexplicable breakneck speed. It was …

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The Classics Invade Austin Stages

Robert Faires has a piece in the Chronicle about the strange summer of Austin classic theatre revivals.¬† It did seem a weird and I found sad occurrence that brilliant, new shows like The Long Now, had so many empty seats …

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