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This one may upset some folks

Back a long long time ago when one could wear gloves and a jacket in Austin without sealing your fate as a heat stroke victim, I met filmmaker Rafael Ruiz in a parking lot and we got all creepy for …

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Nouveau Project Rant Avec Moi et le Snuggie

The Project Rant machine keeps on churning! Congrats on your two year anniversary guys. Cliff and Luis tend to pack in several rants into a single session with an actor and I’d almost forgot about this one. You can see …

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Project Rant Needs Your Help

Everyone’s favorite voice of anonymous rage, Project Rant, is a semi-finalist in YouTube’s NextUp contest. The winners get to go to a four day workshop to consult with YouTube’s team to improve the show, there’ll be a lot of free promotion …

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Search terms leading to this blog for the last month. Seems, the Project Rant pervert bump is still in effect. And now the even bigger factor, the shit John Aielli Says bump, the greatest Tweeter feed of all time.

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Project Rant Episode 101: Dear Pervert

The latest of my contributions to the ongoing airing of anonymous grievances by the esteemed gentlemen behind Project Rant.  I love doing these.  This one was super fun as always, but I admit, I did get a little embarrassed.  If …

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Project Rant Goes Meta

And the snake eats its own tail… Warning: what you are about to watch is fake and gay. There was a nice write-up about this week’s episode on NewTeeVee.

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Project Rant 084: I hate iPhones

Another rant for the angry or vicariously angry masses!!  I know a lot of people can relate to this one, well,  not so much the myspace reference.  I shot this the same day as the breastfeeding rant. I’m shooting one …

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I hump a table for Project Rant’s one year anniversary

Its Project Rant‘s one year anniversary!  And I somehow managed to be both this week’s featured rant, and the archived Favorite Rant.  Super super cool.  I love working with Cliff and Luis, they always know how to coax out the …

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Where Yo Man At?

Project Rant‘s 40th episode is online today and its a doozy.  Whoa, I would not mess with this person.  Seriously.

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Project Rant: Blowing UP!

The co-creator of Project Rant, Cliff Wildman, told me that my rant is #1 in views.   This is due to the subject of my rant, which is igniting a fierce debate on a lot of online forums and on the …

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