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What’s up with me these days

The bruise is still healing on my arm from my Bone Boys audition.  Nineteen pages of sides ranging from my brother dying before my eyes to me taking a cannibal hostage, all performed at an inexplicable breakneck speed. It was …

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The Experiment Ends..

THE BEGINNING: Bastion, Spencer and I were standing around Spencer’s car.  We’d just met at Dan Solomon’s house and had a few beers and read the script.  Karina wasn’t yet a part of the project so it was just us …

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It could happen in your living room

I have been cast in a thrilling new play.  It comes from first-time director but established arts reviewer, Dan Solomon (Decider, Austinist) and was penned by his wife, Katherine Craft.  It will be a site-specific performance, taking place in the …

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