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Review: Heddatron by the Austinist

Well lookee here, we have another review from opening weekend.  This comes from my man Dan Solomon, of Austinist fame.  I was unsure about how Dan would feel about this show, since the Austinist notoriously hates fun, and hasn’t always …

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My life as a (non)pornstar

What’s its like to almost be a porn star. A harrowing tale of absurdity and drain-snaking, as reported by Dan Solomon for AOL Asylum.  Read the entire interview here. This story leaves out the time that I went to see …

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St. Matilde reviewed by Austinist: "The play is a boatload of fun, and we loved it."

One of the best reviews for any show I’ve been involved in, and coming from Dan Solomon, who is no easy sell.  You should read the whole thing, where Dan gets some stuff off his chest while praising our little …

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Dan's Final Thoughts on No One Else

Dan published his final observations on directing and the whole experience of producing a piece of theatre.  He also says some wonderful things about each of his actors.  I’m going to post what he said about me, because this is …

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The Experiment Ends..

THE BEGINNING: Bastion, Spencer and I were standing around Spencer’s car.  We’d just met at Dan Solomon’s house and had a few beers and read the script.  Karina wasn’t yet a part of the project so it was just us …

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