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What’s up with me these days

Boneboys was written by Kim Henkel, who basically invented this guy. My boyfriend, the scariest guy ever.

The bruise is still healing on my arm from my Bone Boys audition.  Nineteen pages of sides ranging from my brother dying before my eyes to me taking a cannibal hostage, all performed at an inexplicable breakneck speed. It was like being on a rabid bucking bronco and just trying to stay on for 8 seconds. At the end,  I got to improv a scene where I was tied up with my arms behind the chair I was sitting in.  As this is a horror film, with lots of scary things happening, I ended up backing that chair up to the wall and kicking and screaming at my tormentor, aka the reader.  My arms got kind of mangled in the process but I didn’t notice that they were actually turning a nice plum color until afterward.  The reader, an older man named Sonny, walked me out.  He said, “You tell yourself you did a hell of a job in there on your way home.  You’re a damn fine actress.” I looked into his kind eyes and said “You are a sweet man.”  And I knew right then and there as I walked to my station wagon, that I wasn’t getting a callback.

Picture of Kathy Catmull and Ken Webster (and Joey Hood) from Hyde Park's 2005 production of The Water Principle. I didn't live in Austin then, so I didn't see this show, but isn't this picture great?

I did however have a callback today for a national Chevy commercial, and last weekend I went to the callbacks for the season at Hyde Park Theatre.  I still haven’t heard anything from Ken on that front, but his lovely and talented wife, Kathy Catmull, asked me yesterday to do a monologue that she wrote for an event that Robert Faires is putting together. It’s part of a performing arts companion program to an art exhibit at St. Stephen’s.  I jumped up and down for a second internally and then gleefully accepted.  I don’t really know Kathy that well, but I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I am over the moon that she asked me and that she and Ken are coaching me on the monologue this weekend.  I’m giddy about having one-on-one time with Austin’s acting power couple. Are you jealous? I am, OF MYSELF.

I routinely ignore events like this, which may make me an idiot.

I made myself go to an Austin actor network-y “Meet the Casting Directors!” industry things Tuesday night because my fave, Rachel Flanagan, was speaking.  But the weirdest thing happened- I actually made a new contact with a casting director!  John Williams of The Cast Station, was one of the speakers and my friend Karina Dominguez introduced us afterward.  And get this kiddos, I gave him one of my cards and he was kind enough to drop me a line to say he’d visited my site and that he was looking forward to bringing me in for auditions.  Do you see how marketing works! Its miraculous!

The famous Ben Taylor

What else?  Oh yes, I wrapped up my first session in Ben Taylor’s acting workshop.  I am somewhat a snarky bitch when I enter into film acting classes– so jaded, like “who are you people?”– because it is rare to see any of these actors doing theatre.  And because there isn’t just tons of film and tv work here I feel like actors should be doing something. But I guess they are, they are in classes. And I should get over myself.  And finally, I did get over myself.  There were some really talented people in there. And if you are looking for a teacher in Austin, Ben Taylor is wonderful. I love that he writes for his actors.  You will never have to do a scene from Glengarry Glen Ross in his class, or any other film that you’ve seen a million times and cannot possibly not be influenced by when performing. And let’s face it, you will never be Alec Baldwin.  So audit his class and if you can, enroll. He will make you better. I am better for taking his class. And, I just found out, one of my classmates booked Boneboys.  So there you have it.

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