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My life as a (non)pornstar

What’s its like to almost be a porn star. A harrowing tale of absurdity and drain-snaking, as reported by Dan Solomon for AOL Asylum.  Read the entire interview here.

This story leaves out the time that I went to see Jenna dance at a club called Caligula in Dallas, where she was a no show. It later burned to the ground. Probably god smiting it. Also, for the record, no one called that particular boss referenced in the article Toadbaby, his actual monikers were even less kind. I just called him that to protect his identity in the article, because I’m so nice (obviously.) Seriously, do not feel sorry for him. He is basically the devil.  If the devil was a fat British baby.

And I thought you would enjoy this clip from the film No One’s Watching: An Alien Abductee’s Story. It was the very very first film I ever did.  I hadn’t yet figured out what name I should use to avoid the Jenna confusion.  At the time I was using my actual first name, Jennifer, but it never fit me, I couldn’t get used to it. Even though the director, Jeremy Vaeni, comes off like a total perv in this clip, he is actually the nicest alien abductee that you will ever meet. This is basically the almost-Jenna-Jameson-experience in thirty seconds.  You can see my discomfort as I stubbornly cling to the pronunciation of my own name, while still having to play the game of embracing it, as James Brown sings Its a Man’s World on repeat in my head.

Audition scene from No One’s Watching: An Alien Abductee’s Story from Jenny Jemison on Vimeo.

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