my Happy New Year! I’m leaving you. (Not really). | Austin Actress

Happy New Year! I’m leaving you. (Not really).

Appearing in the Screens section of the Austin Chronicle was a high point of my 2012.

Hello my dear dear readers.  You may have noticed that I haven’t been updating much over here.  It’s not because I haven’t been busy.  It’s actually because I have been busy.   We are in the midst of developing The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence as a series, and I’m also starting out on my own, buying Fs77 where I have been creative director for the last six years and incorporating it into my production company, Five and Four, in the coming weeks, and will be merging all my online endeavors to better manage and update them.  If you haven’t yet, please follow me on twitter, where I will be making all major announcements and also non-announcements in the near future.  And do me one more solid and “Like” Quiet Girl on Facebook. Thank you readers!  Hope you’re kicking 2013 in all the soft places until it submits to your will!

Until we meet again,


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