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The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violent Fundraising

I should have done this a long time ago.  We launched our fundraising page for The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence last Tuesday, and I am just now sitting down to post about it. I knew that managing the campaign would be consuming, but it’s been more than that, it’s been thrilling. The night before launching, I couldn’t sleep. I’d never attempted fundraising on my own before. Sure, I’ve passed around links for projects that I’d acted in, but efforts to that end weren’t met with a huge sea of donations. That’s always a fine line anyway. It’s pretty commonplace that independent film/theatre projects in Austin needs help with funding, and those producers frequently turn to their casts to promote those fundraising efforts. And well, the circles of those actors get pretty inundated with requests and links to crowd-funding sites and the results grow more and more diminished. The other night at Gourmand’s during halftime of the Spurs’ dismantling of the Clippers (go Spurs go!), some of my friends that are all performers in one way or another, discussed the saturation level of Kickstarter /IndieGogo. Someone said something to the effect of their own experience of just turning off because there are so many friends with campaigns constantly inundating them for funds. The effect being they just blur together and make them not care. I see that. I worried about that. But I suggested that our being in the field of artists all trying to get our projects made, don’t really make us the norm. I don’t think that civilians (or people not in these creative fields) do experience this saturation. It’s not like they know tons of people attempting this stuff, they maybe just have one weird cousin that went to clown college, whereas, we are that weird cousin. And all we know are other clowns.

So yeah, I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t think our goal was necessarily out of reach. $7000 isn’t that much money. But then again, it kind of is. It definitely will determine not only whether the film gets finished, but also how many festivals I can submit it to or if it will have a life beyond this short. Rafael and I conceived of this project as a series. We wrote a script for a 23 minute pilot, and will be editing that into the festival cut (hopefully under ten minutes) and also a pilot episode of a full series. Any funding beyond the $7k would go toward that end. I did a lot of research before launch day. I didn’t want anything to be halfass. Still, when I pressed the green button to send my Violent effort into the universe, my heart was in my throat.

A few hours passed and we were 50% funded.

Today, just a week and a day later, and we are within spitting distance of our goal, a mere $331 shy as of this post. I’m confident that we are going to make it and then some. We still have quite a few announcements to make during this campaign. A few tricks up our sleeve I guess you could say. Here’s a partial list:

1. The unveiling of the official Quiet Girl poster by a spectacular and well-renowned artist.
2. The t-shirt designs (there are more than featured on the page) that will be voted on as to which one is produced. So far the broken crossbones is a crowd favorite.
3. A special message from two of the most charismatic Quiet Girl characters.
4. Developments of post-production. Some of the people that are lining up to help us finish our film are hollywood heavies. You jaw will drop. Mine did.
5. Probably something else awesome, there are 22 days left!!

So if you want to be the person that sends us to our goal of successful funding, now is the time. Today could be a very Quiet day. My heart is so full. This whole process, while daunting and emotional, has been rewarding far beyond any money could be. The support and love that I’ve received from not only friends but unexpected sources has been tremendous and inspiring. Thank you all of you. Now onward and upward!

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3 Responses to The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violent Fundraising

  1. Oat says:

    Congrats, Jenny! I see that you have now surpassed your fundraising goal by over $200!

    I never doubted that this project would get funded. Here are some reasons:

    1) The concept of this short film is awesome. The trailer is enticing. I want to see it, and not just because my sister made it.

    2) This kickstarter campaign was well-done. The prizes, the writing, the artwork, and the personal email you sent out announcing the campaign were all top-notch.

    3) You are a Jemison. We Jemisons are made of great stuff.

    4) You already had a shitload of money pledged the first time I made it to the kickstarter page.

    Can’t wait to see the film! Good luck at the festivals!

  2. I have to say I smiled at, “3) You are a Jemison. We Jemisons are made of great stuff.” I’m so happy you met your goal Jen. Granted now that the initial goal has been met, additional donations have slowed. I’m impatiently waiting for the 1-5 updates promised above. I can concur that jaws will drop. It feels cool to be in the inner circle that knows some of the post production talent you’ve lined up. :) I also really look forward to the t-shirt voting! I’ve never been more excited about something you’ve worked on. I can’t wait to see your … quiet and violent… baby.


  3. JMJ says:

    Thanks you guys. I am very lucky to have such love and family.

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