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LAST CHANCE: Austin High Screening on 4/20

AUSTIN HIGH 4/20 Screening

If you missed it the first time, here’s your last chance to see Austin High on the big screen in Austin, where it is meant to be viewed. I hear there are only 20 tickets left, so best hustle. Here’s the info.  Photos from the premiere and afterparty after the jump.

Rated R; 98min; Director:Alan Deutsch  IMDB

Location: Alamo South Lamar

Bonus! 4/20 Friends and Family Sneak Preview of Austin High

**This is your last chance to see the movie before it’s in HighMAX Krundlevision 4D and costs 75 cents a minute. Tickets include FREE POSTER!**

Friends and Family of Austin High and of April 20th,
Please join us for what is sure to be another sold out screening of what is easily the most Austin-iest comedy of the new millennium. We’ve heard stories of people still waiting to have their stitches removed after the first screenings here, and we’ve also received death threats from those unable to secure a ticket. So, here’s your shot… get em before they are gone.

Producer Russell Groves and key cast members Adriene Mishler and William Wise will be in attendance to introduce the film and do a quick Q&A afterward. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY… Unlike regular movies, there will not be previews… this film will actually start by 7:05

The film runs 1:38 and would be rated R for nudity, language, adult situations, and drug use. Basically all of the good stuff.

Click here for ticket info.

Austin High is a coming of age film both for a very unique city deep in the heart of Texas, known for decades as a slacker town and the mecca for all things weird, and for a wacky cast of characters who have enjoyed its laid-back acceptance all their lives.

Initially shaken by the threat of a citywide crackdown on marijuana, which escalates into a full-on ‘War on Weird’, Principal Samuel Wilson and the rest of the blazed faculty, students, and staff of Ladybird High School must all shake off their slacker demons and find the courage to stand up and fight before the city they love is stripped of its essence and turned into the next great American strip mall of beige consumerist comfort.

I took clandestine photos during the screening. FLASH OFF, of course.

Our director, Alan Deutsch and leading lady, Adriene Mishler

Me and Byron Brown at the Highball. Haters gonna hate.

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