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The Russians are coming!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be taking part in a staged reading as part of Breaking String Theatre’s New Russian Drama Festival. The festival kicks off tonight with the North American premiere of FLYING by Russian playwright, Olga Mukhina.  I am going to the premiere and I am really excited.  A lot of my very good friends, who happen to be some of Austin’s most talented actors – I don’t associate with hacks after all – have been working their asses off for months on this very sexy, very physical play.

I have the much easier job of performing in a staged reading of YoU, another work from the same playwright and translator, directed by the amazing Liz Fisher.  Olga Mukhina is coming all the way from Russia to see the performances!  Thank God, there are a lot of talented people attached, none of whom I have ever had the chance to work with before.  I have this really sweet little scene with Judd Farris, who is one of my absolute favorite people in the world to watch onstage. The reading is tomorrow, at 3:30 pm. Saturday the 29th, at the Off Center.  For the full festival schedule and more information, click here. Oh, and all panels, discussions, and readings are free and open to the public, you don’t even have to be a Ruskie. (P.S. I looked that word up in the urban dictionary to make sure it was affectionate and not disparaging. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter, now that the Cold War’s over. P.S. Wolverines!)


Here’s a pic from the reading- I think Graham took it, that’s why its not that great (jk Graham!).

Olga, stunning even as she samples local cuisine

Olga seemed really happy, she beamed the whole time.  She is gorgeous by the way, this tall very blonde fabulous creature. She easily could have been a cast member of FLYING, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that material was autobiographical. Hookahs! Sunglasses! Base Jumping!

Speaking of FLYING, you definitely do not want to miss this one.  The cast definitely some had their viewpoints training and trust exercises under their glitter belts.  They shimmer across the stage like one sexy beast… and David Boss.  That just made me laugh, but Boss isn’t supposed to be part of the Factory-esque party people, he’s a cop, and wonderful as the foil, Volodya.  The rest of the cast, including the amazing Joey Hood, Adriene Mishler and Michelle Keffer, sparkle, flare and fade as their lifestyle choices start to catch up with them.  Its a hot party from start to finish, and you and Bushy Tale (the very sweet-faced Gricelda Silva) will get all tangled in it.

And tonight only, if you want to get out of the cold and into some hotness, call 512-784-1465 and ask for the Russian winter discount and get your tickets half off.

Не за что.

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