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Nouveau Project Rant Avec Moi et le Snuggie

The Project Rant machine keeps on churning! Congrats on your two year anniversary guys. Cliff and Luis tend to pack in several rants into a single session with an actor and I’d almost forgot about this one. You can see underneath the snuggie, I’m wearing the same t-shirt from the I Hate IPhones rant. I love how they always find some way to really tweak the humor just that little extra bit. In this case, adding a snuggie and some really ladylike popcorn eating. I am speaking French in this post to compensate. S’il vous plait help keep the Rants coming, today is the very last day to vote for Project Rant in the YouTube Creators contest, please vote. I can’t think of two guys that do more with less. I can’t imagine what would happen if they actually had a budget.

Merci beaucoup. Je t’aime.

xo JMJ

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