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My Little Foo Fighters World Video Premiere

So now I will turn this here bucket upside down, and sit a spell to spin the folksy folktale of how it came to be that I am in a Foo Fighters video.  The week prior to sxsw, I get an email from local director Jay Hollinsworth asking me if I’d like to be in a music video.  Jaded little princess that I am, and also not knowing him or knowing anything about the project, I assume it is for one of Austin’s 40,012 local bands and I told him I could not do it if it was being shot during the next week. I was shooting the Amplify spot on that Monday, then was having four or five friends staying with me for the rest of sxsw. This also, historically is my annual vacation week.  And well, I had drinking to do.  He wrote back, okay, despite my schedule, he still wanted to use me, and could we meet the week after sxsw?  So we did, and only then as we were having coffee at Jo’s, did he mention that it was a FOO FIGHTERS video. There was an appropriate spit take and after I gave Leslie some napkins to clean the iced coffee off his ass, I breathed a sigh of relief that I was still gonna get to be in this thing.  Obviously, I would not have been so quick to prioritize this project after free beer had I’d known. But thankfully, he’d had a lot of pre-production to do and had only just got his budget and the track for the song. So, there we were.

He went on to explain that 11 filmmakers had won a Sony-sponsored Foo Fighters video contest, one for each track on the new record. The 11 grand prize winners won a budget to create a video for their track  and a round-trip trip to NYC to meet the band and premiere their video on Fuse.

And that, my friends, is happening today.  During the Foo Fighters’ Takeover of Fuse, they are showing one video at the top of every hour.  Then, tonight at 10pm CT, all the videos will be shown back to back immediately following “Hoppus on Music.” All of these videos were basically made in two weeks.  Ours was shot in more or less two days, and then Jay went into a sleepless cocoon of post-production rotoscoping our green screen footage into a woodcut looking black and white cartoon before the drop-dead submission deadline of March 31.

It turns out that Jay totally rules.  He’s all wry weariness cloaked in cool glasses and a Pixies shirt you know he totally got at a concert in the 90s and not when I finally saw them last year.  Also, he writes strong female characters! There’s a novel idea! Its sad, because it actually was refreshing to read the script and find out there was no love story,  no being ‘the girl in a music video’, no mid-drift baring of any kind required. Instead, the story revolves around a female character named Helga who wakes up to another dreary day of her existence only to ultimately defeat the negative forces who literally pursue her.   I got to punch bad guys in the face and drive a Mercedes convertible all over Austin. How cool is that?! Almost cooler than this famous feminist MTV moment! And as an animated cartoon character! What?! I still can’t believe it.

Helga wakes up

Rotoscope Helga gets pissed.

I will post the full video once its online, but in the meantime, set those tivos! (Probably just talking to my Dad here.)

ADDENDUM:  Here is the video, now online!

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4 Responses to My Little Foo Fighters World Video Premiere

  1. Dad says:

    I thought when I first read the lines above that you said set those Tito’s and I thought what a good idea.

  2. Jay says:

    For the record, it’s pretty easy to write those strong female characters when you’re working with an actress you know can pull it off. Represent.

  3. JMJ says:

    @Jay Thank you!! I hope we work together again soon. and @Dad I think Tito’s would only enhance your viewing pleasure, I think I’ll have one too.

  4. Rolando says:

    For the record, it’s pretty easy to write those strong female characters when you’re working with an actress you know can pull it off. Represent.

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