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Bigtime Announcement

I am excited to announce the first film project that I will be producing with my new company Five and Four Productions.  Details and title will be forthcoming, but the idea behind my efforts is to carefully consider every detail from the script to the production design, to make all of our efforts to tell a story that much richer and more realized.  This script is very special and I need the right actors to make it magic.  I will be playing our protagonist, you will likely read with me in the audition.

So here are the details:

Five and Four Productions is seeking actors for a short film shooting in Austin, Texas in December 2011 and January 2012.   The film is directed by Rafael Antonio Ruiz (Holy Hell) and will be aggressively submitted to film festivals.  Please email your resumes and headshots with the role you are interested in to Subject line: CASTING. Cast Positions will be deferred or unpaid, but you will be well fed and well appreciated.

Jeffrey Male, mid 20s -early 30s.  Thoughtful, takes an interest in things that surprise him in the world because much of it leaves him wanting

Patrick Templeton Male, Mid 20s – Early 30s. Large physicality and personality.  Gregarious in his best moments, belligerent and potential physically abusive in his worst,  he is a former grade school bully grown into a family man.

Cathy Templeton Female, mid 20s – early 30s.  Suburban mom and wife, has to show the duress of having her husband viciously attacked for unknown reasons.

Librarian Any sex/ ethnicity -30s or older. Dry but not humorless, closest person our protagonist has to a friend.

Santa Male, any ethnicity, 30s or older. Down-on-his-luck Santa that steals from the donation pot.  Not entirely unsympathetic.

Young Patrick 12-15 years old, intimidating bully ringleader.  Must be able
to embrace the bully scenario in a short improvised scene with some potential
for adult language.

Young Jeffrey 12-15 years old,  chimes in on the bullying but isn’t an instigator. Must be able to embrace the bully scenario in a short improvised scene with some potential
for adult language.

Daud Mid-Late 20′s. Groupie and sycophant.

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    Jenny. Wow. This is huge!

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