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Left Behind, SXSW 2012 Edition

So it’s almost April and I feel like I am still recovering from the relentless hustle, grind, wonder, and drunkenness of spring break SXSW.  Previously, I wrote about some film bumpers I was stoked to be asked to act in, but wasn’t aloud to disclose where they would be airing.  Well – breaking news alert – they aired between films during sxsw as a series called “How Not to Be Lame at SXSW.”  I got to work with two of my favorite directors in Austin, Joe Nicolosi and Geoff Marslett.  I was in three trailers (I think), although in the one I’m about to show you I was just background.  I was featured enough in the other two that strangers shouted “PURSE JERKY” at me on a number of occasions (that will hopefully make sense later if that trailer is released) and that Janet Pierson herself (the woman behind SX) gave me a sweet congrats in the lobby of the Alamo South.

So far only one of these trailers has been released online and it is one of my faves.  Directed by Joe and starring Geoff, it’s the story of sxsw told through Geoff’s expanding beard and diminishing LA slickness.  So yeah, I’m in there too, looking preoccupied or hungover (these are identifying characteristics of badge holders.)  There’s already been an online writeup about this trailer over at Laughing Squid. Good job guys. Here it is for you to enjoy.

If  you are interested in hearing more about the process of making the bumpers from Joe, Geoff and the other filmmakers that contributed, they hosted a panel on the subject that you can listen to online.

Cheers to you, SXSW 2012. You cruel, exhausting, wonderful thing.

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2 Responses to Left Behind, SXSW 2012 Edition

  1. Dad says:

    You sat there well

  2. JMJ says:

    Thanks Pop.

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