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I Realize the Long-Held Dream of Appearing in an Internet Cat Video

Best sentence I’ve ever seen on a call sheet: “Kittens will arrive at 4:00pm.”

I got super lucky by being asked play a small role in a short for one of the recently named Filmmaker Magazine  ‘25 New Faces of Independent Film’, Joe Nicolosi.  I’ve been a fan of Joe’s since I saw his Fun Fun Fun Fest video this year.  I’ve watched that video at least ten times.  But despite the gorgeous camera work, and beautiful capture of all the tiny moments that make that particular Austin music festival so badass, Joe usually make funny narrative films.  He got a lot of attention for this years SXSW Bumper shorts.  This one, in particular, starring my tv commercial husband, Jason Newman, in a mumblecore portrayal of Mario, was a crowd favorite.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much about the premise of the video but I feel like I can mention that besides kittehs I had a handful of my favorite funny Austin people to play with in my scene – Kirk Johnson, Will Elliot, Arthur Simone and Leah Moss.  I couldn’t invent a better Saturday afternoon at Arts + LaborJoe wrote a little more about it and you can see some fun pictures of cats on a green screen.  The rest of these photos were taken with my phone.

Look at this asshole. (Oh and that's Joe in the back).

Leah Moss and KITTEN

Don't worry, this one is fake.

The kitten could tell Kirk was lactating.

Arthur is trying to be sexy cat, but again, UPSTAGED BY KITTEN.

Leah took this one. Its a kitten scarf, in your face PETA. Oh, this was taken with instagram. Follow me @JMJTX.

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