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Disenchanted Post Game

“Wow.”  That’s the first word that crosses my mind walking into the Sherwood Forest Faire the Saturday before we begin filming Disenchanted.  This thought was quickly followed by, “Is that full grown man dressed as a Centaur?  How is his tail moving? Why doesn’t his ladyfriend have anything on underneath that chain mail?”  These and many other questions remained unanswered throughout my time there.  In fact, I realized it was just better not to ask them in order to avoid nonsensical conversations like the following one I had with Gual (actual name Jeffrey), who was an authentic faire fairy and was cast as the number one in the Faerie Queen’s sparkle army.  Here he is:

Me: Oooh, is there a Maypole?  We could get some excellent faerie b-roll with some maypole action.

Gual: No, that’s not historically accurate.  This faire is set in 1190.  Maypoles weren’t around until the 16th century.

Me:  Oh, of course, that makes sense.  (Said while leaning on Ye Olde ATM contraption).  Wouldn’t want to make that mistake.  Let’s go get some Old World Nachos and a draught of your finest Budweiser.

I had two days on this production, and it was a blast.  The first day on set, the faire was closed to the general public, and shooting went briskly.  I got to play a villain, as the Faerie Queen, whose insecurity makes her more dangerous than if she was just plain evil.  I had wings that required their own handler, a long blonde wig, and a glittery entourage. I wish I was always so lucky.   The second day I was called, the faire was actually open for business and after I was wrapped, I stayed in costume and wandered around the faire.  Strangers asked me to take photos with them.  Little girls hugged me.   I pondered eating a turkey leg but ultimately waited for some post-faire Elgin sausage. (That my friends, is a truly magical experience.)

Gual then introduced me to the Faerie court.  He took me by the hand and whispered, “How would you like to be introduced?”  I said, “I don’t know what to say,” afraid of being exposed as a fraud, ” I’m just going to smile and make noises like Bjork.”  He said, “I can work with that,” and then presented me to the ren-folk and the children that had gathered for the tea party, as a visiting Faerie Queen, whose voice had “been stolen and taken to the underworld.”

“Wow,” I thought for the 113th time that day, “Improv genius.”

Now here for your enjoyment, is the cast trailer they put together for the wrap party. It’s nothing official, just something to make us all laugh, which it did. Now if can get a little pixiedust sprinkled on post-production, we should be in good shape. (Unlike the lady in the chain mail.)

Disenchanted Cast Trailer from mark spacek on Vimeo.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Guess you didn’t end up needing that tent if you were only there for two days. Looked like you had fun making this, I look forward to watching it.

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