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Earp! A Future Web-Series That You Can See this Weekend LIVE!

This weekend and next you can see some of Austin’s finest players assembled on a stage for a live reading of the very hilarious EARP, an animated Western web series from the mind and pen of Craig Staggs, directed by …

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Left Behind, SXSW 2012 Edition

So it’s almost April and I feel like I am still recovering from the relentless hustle, grind, wonder, and drunkenness of spring break SXSW.  Previously, I wrote about some film bumpers I was stoked to be asked to act in, …

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TONIGHT! Fusebox 60-in-60! I join the stage with Austin’s brightest diamonds!!

Everyone I know in Austin is going to the ND tonight to either perform in or behold the wonder that is Fusebox Festival‘s brilliant annual fundraiser. 60 performances in 60 minutes!!!!!! 60 of Austins finest performers, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, …

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Photos from the field or I’ve been a busy girl

So in lieu of actual updates, I am going to post some photos from various projects I’ve been working on in the last few weeks.  Between my work and post-production duties on Quiet Girl, I haven’t had much time to …

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This one may upset some folks

Back a long long time ago when one could wear gloves and a jacket in Austin without sealing your fate as a heat stroke victim, I met filmmaker Rafael Ruiz in a parking lot and we got all creepy for …

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I’m Only Happy When it Rains

Back in September, the very day after the Chevy commercial shoot where I was cast to embody the bygone good ol’ days of American wholesomeness, I found myself doing something much different. Much less wholesome.  Still very American though. In …

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How “These Days” Happened, Part 1

Director Jay Hollinsworth wrote a little bit more about how this whole Foo Fighters video came to happen.  Read it here on his bloggy blog.

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My Little Foo Fighters World Video Premiere

So now I will turn this here bucket upside down, and sit a spell to spin the folksy folktale of how it came to be that I am in a Foo Fighters video.  The week prior to sxsw, I get …

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Nouveau Project Rant Avec Moi et le Snuggie

The Project Rant machine keeps on churning! Congrats on your two year anniversary guys. Cliff and Luis tend to pack in several rants into a single session with an actor and I’d almost forgot about this one. You can see …

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The Russians are coming!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be taking part in a staged reading as part of Breaking String Theatre’s New Russian Drama Festival. The festival kicks off tonight with the North American premiere of FLYING by Russian playwright, Olga Mukhina.  I am …

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