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Waterloo Sunset – Support Indie Filmmaking

How I want to spend my summer vacation: Making Movies. Please? Can I? I have been cast in two different features with plans to shoot during the brutal Texas months of July and August. Both hang somewhere in limbo, trying …

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How “These Days” Happened, Part 1

Director Jay Hollinsworth wrote a little bit more about how this whole Foo Fighters video came to happen.  Read it here on his bloggy blog.

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Austin High Premieres Tonight at the Alamo

So excited to finally see the sexy stony fruits of last summer’s labor all over the big screen at the Alamo Drafthouse tonight.  If you don’t have a ticket, come out and shake it at the seriously awesome after-party at …

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Austin High reaches Kickstarter goal

The tallies are in— Austin High raised $12,185. 122% of the original goal.  Kickstarter seems to be a powerful fundraising tool for film projects.  I suppose it also helps to have a cast of 50 and 30 people on your …

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You outta be in pictures..

Hello chickens.  Its been a while.  For some reason I sort of forgot that I have a blog.  Maybe its because I have a garden now.  Some of you may recall from the old days, my old garden, that was …

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Scene from Waiting Rooms

[youtube=] Here’s a little something from Waiting Rooms.  Remember, I’ve been in jail all night, that’s why I’m so sweaty and tired.  Also, I have the munchies.  This is so different from my real life. That is why I am …

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Waiting for Waiting Rooms

[youtube=] Two summers ago I shot a feature film called Waiting Rooms.  It was one of the best experiences I’ve had with any project.  The director and crew were very young, but they were enthusiastic and capable, and it was …

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Future Farmer

[youtube=] All three parts now on youtube!  Sci-fi short shot last year by Unidentified Flying Studios.  Check out the outtakes on their site after watching to see my fruit-related difficulties. You can now watch Future Farmer at in 3 …

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Magic on the greenbelt

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the beautiful morning on the greenbelt shooting singer/ songwriter Jason Blum’s new video for the song, “Blissful Life” from the album Deliver (, with a new Austin production company, Unidentified Flying Studios.  They …

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I could kiss you Dawnna Dukes.

From today’s Austin Chronicle: “Big day for the Travis County delegation and Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Austin, as she coaxed the 81st legislature into actually passing a bill. “First bill of the session, first bill on the calendar, first major state …

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