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Something Inspiring, Something Beautiful, Something Ephemeral

This is a super late entry and I’m kicking myself for not posting this sooner but there is an incredible performance happening tonight and AN ADDED DATE of tomorrow SATURDAY APRIL 7th at Salvage Vanguard Theater and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you experience it.  It’s called The Orchid Flotilla and it is dreamy and provocative, erverse and didactic, sweet and super weird.  It is my cup of tea.

Creator and performer of Glass Half Full Theatre, Caroline Reck is a personal hero of mine.  She is able to create something from nothing using whatever objects she encounters, or should there be none,  her own body becomes the tools of her storytelling.  She is a force my friends. She is alone for much of the play, a woman surviving on a flotilla of garbage and orchids on the open sea,  before the foxish Gricelda Silva joins her on her plastic island.  I encourage every actor in Austin to see the show for the lessons that both women teach in the industry of their movements.  Every gesture is both graceful and informed, and is endlessly watchable. I was captivated.  I wasn’t the only one.  Here’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever read in a very long time, although I haven’t read Brenner’s Aliens review yet.

When Caroline was in rehearsal for Flotilla, she created something else out of nothing:  A fundraiser wherein East Austin artists and designers and artists from the theatre community were asked to create bathing suits out of materials that would survive the Apocalypse, then they or their models wore them in a Fashion Show.  I was one of the brave that trod the wooden staircase wearing a lot of not much.  Fortunately for me, Kelli Bland was the creator of my swimsuit and it was divine.  Here is a video of the show plus an interview with the oh so incredibly lovely Caroline, and some pictures, just for funsies.

I’m also proud to say that I created the show’s posters and postcards.  Love doing this kind of work for people that I admire. Here is an up close shot of some details that don’t come through at smaller sizes.  All of this is actual sea trash floating out there somewhere, near the flotilla. Which is where you should be.. near the flotilla TONIGHT AND TOMORROW, your last chance.

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