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Photos from the field or I’ve been a busy girl

So in lieu of actual updates, I am going to post some photos from various projects I’ve been working on in the last few weeks.  Between my work and post-production duties on Quiet Girl, I haven’t had much time to update the old bloggy blog.  But who likes to read anyway, especially when there are pictures to look at. This is from a shoot today, and while it has nothing to do with what we were actually filming, it was some of the hottest action of the day (granted, it was a cold and rainy day).  Hugo Vargas, Ashley Spillars and I were shooting a bumper for an unnamed film festival, directed by Geoff Marslett with my old friend Amy Bench behind the camera.  We were shooting at the downtown Ritz, and someone smelled gas and called the fire department.  The firemen told us it was okay to look inside the truck and even put on their gear, and well, this happened.  Fun Fact: I also play the same character for a hot second in Joe Nicolosi’s bumper.  In that one I mostly tried to stand as close to Byron Brown as possible so to be included in the two-shot.  (Totally worked).

Here’s a photo of us at Eastside Kings.  Say goodbye to Marslett’s beard, I hear it’s not long for this world.

The following photos are from a project I can’t really talk about but here are some things I can tell you about my part in it: 1) I had to learn Romanian for the role, 2) I use a bullwhip, 3) I also had to handle a grease gun and a hand grenade, and 4) I am turned on by all this too, it’s okay.

That's Shannon McCormick lurking behind me.

Mark Spacek and me trying to look cool

Someone I have a crush on took this photo

Finally, this is a photo from a rehearsal for a read-thru of Timothy Braun’s new play, The Coney Island Mermaid Parade, or My View From the Gershwin Hotel

Most of my scenes were with Michael Joplin, as Juan Antonio.  I played lonely Penelope. All she wanted was to go to China with Juan Antonio.

We rehearsed all day and then presented the reading to an audience at Salvage Vanguard Theater that evening. I really loved this play and the actors I got to perform it with.

And that’s all for now my dear, as my friend Rafael would say.

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  1. Dad says:

    Love my GIRL

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