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'Tis the season

Apparently, its audition season.  I have three more this week.  A short film audition on Thursday, and then on Saturday I have double accent duty.  My first audition at Zach Scott is for The Grapes of Wrath and I go straight from Okie dustbowl, pronouncing words like “hospiddle,” to the ASF auditions for An Ideal Husband, where I will do my best posh British.  Let’s hope I don’t get confused and ask Lord Goring if it will hurt the baby.

Callbacks for The Bird and The Bee were really fun.  We were all in a tiny room off an office at Salvage Vanguard and its a testament to both the script and the caliber of actors present that it didn’t get boring watching people repeat the same short scenes over and over.  I don’t think I betrayed my inner-fangirl with Mark Pickell or Kelli Bland.  They have both been involved in some of my favorite productions in Austin (Happy Days, A Thought in Three Parts, The Pillowman) and I’m glad I have so many other auditions to keep me from constantly thinking about how much I would love to work with them.

Are you starting to see how actors basically need to constantly distract themselves with shiny objects so as not to obsess over parts that odds are they won’t get?  Think I’m going to go stare at some tinsel until I lose my mind.

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